Comment explorer Rovaniemi tout en restant à la maison

1. Découvrez Rovaniemi à travers des caméras Web

Regardez ce qui se passe dans Santa Claus Village sur le cercle polaire arctique, découvrez la beauté authentique de Koivusaari nature trail à proximité du centre-ville de Rovaniemi ou admirez le coucher du soleil Ounasvaara hill si vous avez de la chance, vous y apercevrez peut-être des rennes! From this page you’ll find all of our web cameras.

2. Discutez avec le Père Noël via Live Stream

Rejoignez le flux en direct du bureau du Père Noël tous les jours à partir de 13 heures. (UTC +3)! Pendant la diffusion, vous pouvez rejoindre le chat et poster vos questions au Père Noël et aux Elfes sur le Youtube channel.

Sur demande spéciale, vous pouvez également have a private video call with Santa Claus où que vous soyez, la connexion se fait par service en ligne (Skype ou WhatsApp). Vous aurez l’occasion unique de poser toutes les questions que vous vous posez et de faire part de vos souhaits de Noël au Père Noël. De plus, vous pouvez vérifier si vous êtes sur la bonne liste!

3. Check out few inspiring videos

Youtube is full of videos made by our dear visitors. Visit the town virtually by checking out few of them! Check our suggestions below:

More videos you’ll find from Visit Rovaniemi’s Youtube channel.

4. Enjoy music by local artists

Did you know that the Eurovision winner Lordi is from Rovaniemi? Ever heard about the Finnish popstar Antti Tuisku– who’s hometown is also Rovaniemi? Listen up their music from Spotify or Youtube.

ps. If you fancy to join a live gig streamed from Rovaniemi, join the Scarctic Circle garthering by Lordi on 29.5.2020! During the 3-hour show you’ll get to see some hidden gems of Rovaniemi – guided by Mr. Lordi himself.

Open embedded media in the browser

5. See movies that are filmed in Rovaniemi

  • War (2019) An Indian soldier chases after his mentor who has gone rogue following an unexpected kill.
  • Lapland Odyssey (2010) A comedy about Janne, a man from Lapland in Northern Finland, a man who has made a career out of living on welfare.
  • Aurora (2019) is a romantic comedy about an artist and a refugee trying to find him a wife so he and his daughter may stay in Finland.

6. Read out inspiring blogs from Rovaniemi

Photo: @estercuni

7. Cook like a local – Try out the delicious blueberry pie recipe by Mrs. Irene Kangasniemi

Irene’s delicious blueberry pie is well-known delicacy in Rovaniemi. Try out the recipe yourself!

Mix all the ingredients (excl. berries) in a bowl. Fit the piecrust on a 30cm x 30cm pie plate. Bake in 225-celcius degrees for 15 minutes (or until the base is golden and dry). Add blueberries and continue to bake until the berries bubble. Top with whipped cream & enjoy! (1 glass is app. 2 dl)

Get to know the local couple, Mrs. Irene & Mr. Ari from the Hornwork Handicrafts

8. Listen the Sound of Lapland and relax

With the new album SCAPES, you can travel to Finnish Lapland with the push of a button. Just pop in your Airpods and you’ll be swept away to the north of Finland, where the relaxing nature and ambient sounds of Lapland will soothe your soul and refresh your spirit.

Photo: @estercuni

9. Follow us in social media

You may follow Visit Rovaniemi in Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and TikTok.

Our local partners are also publishing interesting content from Rovaniemi. From Bearhill Husky’s Instagram page you can follow up the daily life of a husky kennel, and at Korundi’s Youtube channel you’ll get to join a virtual art museum tour.

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